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SEO for Mobile app- How to rank up in play store


Mobile applications can be a great channel to reach the masses and providing them with the convenience of using a product or service. But if a developer is launching its application on play store then he must be aware of the fact that achieving a good ranking is a difficult task. Optimizing an app as per app store’s requirement can help in achieving that goal. A developer can focus on finding relevant keywords and gathering all the elements that will list the app in top positions on the play store.

Here are a few hacks of how can a developer rank up his application on play store:

Keyword Research

There are hundreds of mobile applications that have flooded the market irrespective of what vertical they belong to. Thus, there are several factors which needs to be taken care of to make your application stand out in an app store. The developer can optimize the application by choosing the right set of keywords. There are many platforms, which can help in optimizing an application for an app store such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Autosuggest, Mobile Action etc.

The first step to choosing the right keyword is finding relevance. It increases the chances of getting your app discovered. These keywords should have lower difficulty score but a higher traffic score to achieve good ranking.

Role of Keywords in title

The demand for mobile applications is increasing day by day and has eventually overcrowded the market with both good and average apps. Therefore differentiating your application with competitors can be a challenge. The developers can, therefore, try another way of boosting the app ranking by placing the keywords in the title. One thing that should be kept in mind is that title on Google play store allows only up to 30 characters. Thus, only 2 or 3 words can be placed. The developer must choose these words wisely to achieve better results. The Keywords can also be used in Subtitles.

Pay attention to app description

As per Google guidelines for SEO, it picks the keywords from the description written for the application. The maximum limit for an app description is 4000 characters, which gives a great opportunity to the developer to include many keywords. The developer should not overstuff keywords while framing sentences to avoid any spamming. No developer can trick or outdo the algorithm set by Google. The intensity of Keywords in the overall description should be 4x-5x. In an attempt to include the keywords, the sentences tend to lose their meaning or grammar and the whole effort will go out of the window. Thus, for a better ranking, the description of an app should be relevant, sensible and appealing.

Make your application engaging

One of the several ways to achieve a good ranking on Google is to make your audience love your application. The more the people find an app engaging and interesting, the better the feedback they receive. Good reviews posted for the app by various users can result in better search ranking. In case the app has an average concept or targets an inactive or unpopular audience, the developer needs to work on getting reviews. There are platforms such as Apptentive who can help an app get the review. In case there is a budget involved then developers can request the review sites to try the app and post a feedback.

Thus, the above tips for achieving a ranking an application can help a developer Factors such as Installs, no. of downloads, uninstalls affect the ranking of a mobile application. All these factors need to be taken care of apart from SEO too. The most important thing above all is how the application is performing and is it justifying its vertical. Testing of an application before launch will help the developer understand that the application is ready for consumers and providing the solution they are looking for.

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