October 16, 2020 Digital Marketing

Corona Virus Outbreak- Boom for Digital Marketing Companies

Digital Marketing Companies

COVID 19 has been officially announced as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The adverse effects of this can be seen in the global economy as all the market goes down with a reduction in mobility and operations. The condition is continued; there is no assumption of how long this outbreak goes. The condition has become worse for all the sectors as they have to face challenges in their operations and processes.

The digital ecosystem completely influenced by the situation; some of the effects are as follows:

  1. Employees have to work remotely- All the offices, industries, and workplaces need to be shut due to the intensified risk of Corona Virus outbreak. This affected the working process and force the administrations to decide starting work remotely. All the meetings are conducted online through different online application tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc.
  2. Increase in the online and e-commerce sale- There has been drifting in the market from on store shopping to online shopping. The outbreak resulted in the growth of the online purchase as people are trying to maintain distance and avoid wandering in the streets for their daily needs. Recognizing the situation, different brands, supermarkets, and other industries decided to reach their customers through e-commerce portals.
  3. On center conferences and trade shows canceled and an upsurge in online events- A noticeable impact has been seen by the industries that have national and global meetings or conferences lined up. This affected the reputation and financial status in the market. As a consequence, companies have moved to online SaaS tools. For videoconferences, tools like Zoom, Microsoft, LogMeIn, Slack, and Cisco Google are used by professionals.
  4. Online search increased for the healthcare section- Corona Virus is a novel virus, and its spread out everywhere around the world makes everyone scared. The threat of the outbreak results in the increase of curiosity to learn more about the virus, its impact, its cure, precautions, and much more. They find online sources as an updated method to learn more and more, which enhanced the online search in the healthcare section.
  5. Productivity and supply of products decreased abruptly- Since the pandemic spread worldwide, the production and supply of exported and imported products hit badly. This resulted in a shortage of products in the market. Many countries export in huge amounts from China, and with the outbreak, they are in deep trouble.
  6. Travel sector and allied industries online promotions decline- To avoid the spreading of infection, all the travel modes are suspended for domestic and international both. This resulted in decreased promotions and ads of travel and allied industries. The tourism sector is completely ruined and might take a long time to regain its position.

All these are the effects of COVID 19 over the market that upswing digital marketing companies. Digital marketing companies get a boom after this outbreak. Businesses want to grab their hold over the market; thus, they need an attractive website. As an aftereffect of the Corona Virus outbreak, most businesses reach to digital marketing companies to make their own websites and e-commerce portals. Having a website is not sufficient to reach out to the world; hence, an increase in SEO consulting has been seen. The companies are trying everything to come on the top of the search engine through SEO. But companies need to keep in mind that being on the top of the list is not enough; they also need to have to match up with the supply and demand.

All these are according to the current scenario, which means that it can change with time. So right now, companies must focus on consumer behavior. Though, there are chances that it could be a long-term process even with the change in conditions. Currently, the market is grabbed by e-commerce as most of the sales are based on this in comparison to previous times. This can be concluded that digital marketing has a huge impact on it and will get benefit in the long run.

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