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How to Build High Quality Backlinks in a SEO

How to Build High Quality Backlinks in a SEO

Backlink is an important tool for SEO where a good inbound link would give a high page ranking and eventually will grow the brand but a wrong link can get the whole site panelized.

Here is a list of few powerful tricks that will help a brand achieve high quality backlinks for successful SEO:

  1. Quality backlinks with guest blogging

 Using guest blogging is one of the best methods to create effective and high quality backlinks. When it comes to search engines, these offer more authority for backlinks creation and ultimately SEO, which might be missing in case of article marketing. Guest blogging entertains only original content where duplicity is not allowed moreover these blogs are trusted by Google search engine.

When you enter a guest blogging site, some blogs shows a higher page ranking and therefore they get to stay on homepage of guest site. If articles are well written then it shall engage more audience, this might land up these audiences to the linked websites resulting in high quality SEO.

  1. Indulge in article marketing

Backlinks is one of the strongest elements of SEO. It carries much significance for every web developer. For a successful SEO activity, backlinks is a must. Article marketing is one of the methods to develop backlinks but is not as effective as guest blogging. Moreover they show results only when they are linked to relevant websites.

Another important detail that should be taken care of while generating backlinks through article marketing is using anchor text while promoting the business website. In case the anchor text is missing, the whole point of using article marketing would be in vain. The articles should only be submitted only in an established directory.

  1. Backlinks through press release

Press release contains official information, which is released in the form of news. Getting backlinks through press release is another effective method. There are press release websites, which allows a company or brand to release official information in a vey particular format. These sites tend to supply information to smaller sites, which is then picked up by the news sites. This will create a lot of backlinks that would bring great results for SEO.

While writing a press release, pay attention to small details such as content should be in the form of announcement rather than promotional, the title should be attractive, and the news should be short and crisp. These will engage more readers. Also, do not forget to link content back to your website by adding a web link.

  1. Backlinks via Document sharing sites

 Not many people are aware of getting backlinks through document sharing sites. These are sites are common though but fewer people prefer using it as their first choice. An individual can submit articles, blogs or probably e-books on these sites in a particular file format such as pdf. It could be a single article or multiple posts compiled into a single file. Upon submission, they create a backlink for the website. Google trust these document sharing sites and if used for SEO, they can generate powerful back links.

  1. Social profiles

Social networking sites or social profiles can have pretty good ranking. Therefore they can act as a wonderful source to build backlinks for SEO. Social sites pages have high ranks in search engine and some of them even allow to add website links in bio. Social sites are already known for high consumer engagement hence genuine customer interested in a specific bio’s would generate backlinks to the website.

Thus, Backlinks are essential for Search Engine Optimization and the tips mentioned above shall help in generating high quality backlinks.

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