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Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends 2018

Top 5 Mobile application trends in 2018

Mobile is now considered to be a necessity, which came as a luxury before. From online shopping to buying groceries, mobile applications have made every thing possible. Thus, the market for app development is huge as the user relies on his mobile phones for their daily requirements. Most of the companies are relying on applications as their major sales channel.

Here is a list of few mobile app development trends that would meet the requirements of the customer in several verticals:

1.The smart IoT apps

Smart phones had a huge impact on applications. But there was a new demand in the market where things became intelligent. From light to thermostats every thing can now respond to technology. Wearable technology is just an addition to it. Smart devices can now be controlled through smart applications. Now objects are connected with technology through Internet of Things (IoT). Now IoT apps can control every single object around them with a simple tap. These applications have already been in limelight and will capture a major market soon in the app industry.

2.Apps with Augmented and Virtual reality

Augmented and virtual reality has become a topic of discussion for every industry. Ever since Pokémon Go was introduced in the market, Augmented reality became everybody’s vision of future. Tech giants such as Google and Apple are working on this concept and looking if there is room for further improvisation.

Google came up with a product based on augmented reality called Tango, which can enable a smart phone to detect the users current location without involving other technologies such as GPS. Another project that came in the market was Microsoft’s Hololens that has the capability to manipulate objects using holograms. Thus, there is a huge scope for these technologies in the near future.

3.The era of Chatbots

Artificial is advancing and deep analytics is helping the various sectors to understand the human behavior and mindset. Taking it to the next level, chatbots has become a very powerful and important tool where an application is engaging the audience through auditory means and messages. Either its Allo from Google, Lex from Amazon or Azure by Microsoft, every tech giant is exploring the possibility of merging their platforms with such chatbots.

These fully functional applications are capable of interacting with humans and provide assistance such as information on a subject, ticket bookings, organizing and scheduling personal calendars or helping a customer with online shopping.

4.Beacon and location based app

Last two years have shown a lot of statistics supporting the success of beacon and location based apps. The concept began popular among the audience and therefore developers are keeping up with the pace by advancing the features of such apps with furthers additions. In one of the survey conducted by a company called Juniper research, they predicted the value of such apps by 2019.

As per figures estimated by the company, the location and beacon-based application will capture the market of $43.3 billion. Some of the most important segments for these apps would be food, retail and healthcare.

5.The boom of progressive web apps

Progressive web apps have been in the market for the last few years and are very easy to build when it comes to development. These applications run within the browser and the user can use it even without downloading. The first challenge by any developer is to get the user download their application.

It is reported that 20% of the users are reluctant to download the application, which is the very first part of getting the product used. This challenge could be met through these progressive web apps. These are apps are compatible with every browser and target the mobile users the most.

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