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Best Ways to Get click to action in Email Marketing (and How to Increase Email CTR)

Best Ways to Get click to action in Email Marketing

Marketing for a service or a product is difficult as every vertical and segment is having fierce competition. Most of the industry professional considers email marketing as a strong medium to communicate with the large audience. Though, the biggest challenge lies with the click through rate and engaging audience.

Here are a few ways of increasing click on action rate:

Segmenting the audience

It is essential to understand that not every email is meant for everyone. Thus, marketing through email can achieve success only if there is audience segmentation based on several factors such as demographics, gender, profession etc. Email data segmentation should also consider customer behavior.

Factors such as the last click on email by a customer, what a customer usually buys, how often a customer shops etc should be taken into consideration. Another important segment is to find out the device used by customers. If companies work on the data considering these factors and pay attention to details then click through rates will show the better response. As per a recent study conducted by MailChimp, the opening rate of an email reaches as high as 13.07% when the audience is segmented.

Avoid spam-triggering words

There are hundreds of companies who use email marketing as one of their promotion strategies. This mode of marketing has the huge scope but the competition is fierce. As a result hundreds and thousands of emails are filtered in our inboxes every day and are categorized as spams.

Some emails may also be a part of the virus or some of them might be driving some illicit attempt. Thus, every marketer is advised to avoid words that trigger spam. Several phrases such as “earn per week”, “Free money”, “Winning” etc are considered as spam triggering words and therefore it has to be avoided at all costs.

Try mobile responsive emails

Today the user is focusing more on convenience and simple communication. Mobile is always a preference for a laptop, tablet or a desktop. Thus the email marketers should focus on developing emails are mobile friendly. As a recent study, almost 65% read emails on their cell phone. In case there are heavy attachments or too much text, the loading time would increase and the customer engagement time would decrease.

Too much text can be an issue in terms of reading it on a small screen. The user might get irritated instantly and delete it even before going through the content. Thus, for a better click-through rate the email has to be very specific, giving out the clear message that it is meant for and should have good readability on mobile. Failing with these factors can land these emails in trash box or archives.

Use social media links

Social media is powerful and any marketing and promotion are incomplete without it. One of the recent studies conducted by GetResponse shows that the click-through rate is more when social media sharing links on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are present in email.

The click-through rate for emails without social media was 2.4%, which increased drastically to 6.2% with sharing links of social sites. The maximum response for click rate was achieved through LinkedIn and Facebook followed by Twitter and Google+.

Testing email for accessory factors

When the marketers follow big email strategies they usually overlook the small factors that could affect the click-through rate. Some of the very important factors can be the length of emails, type of content, format and font size etc. Though, very small things to look upon but these factors create a huge difference. Thus an email should be tested before it is sent out to the audience.

Smaller mails covering the purpose of email are preferred than an email with too much text with unnecessary information. Emails can be made interesting by delivering information in various forms apart from text such as images or cartoons. In case the email has text in it then formatting is very important. A good font size and type can increase the engagement time of the audience.

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